Selling 1031 Single-Tenant Properties

Why James Dwoskin and I.C.A. Realty as opposed to some national brokerage firm?

  1. In hiring I.C.A., you are hiring James Dwoskin. He is a seasoned veteran experienced in the 1031 Exchange marketplace. In a larger shop often there is one "rainmaker" who drums up the bulk of the business for his office. The day to day handling of the marketing effort is passed off to less qualified untested novices. James Dwoskin will oversee and handle directly every aspect of the marketing process.
  2. We know 1031 motivated investors and understand their needs. Our depth of knowledge of the ins and outs of 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchanges has made us a resource for these investors. We are always available to answer even the most complex questions.
  3. James Dwoskin is selective about the deals he chooses to market and for this reason works on very few deals exclusively at any one point in time. He can give any project he takes on the attention it merits.
  4. We are a New York based company. New York is the financial center of our country, and as such, is the home of a very high percentage of the most aggressive purchasers of single-tenant properties. Our close proximity to these investors allows us to meet face to face with them without having to get on a plane. Many of our competitors have probably never met and don't personally know a high percentage of the buyers they work with.
  5. The brokers around the nation that specialize in the sale of single-tenant properties know and do business with the same core list of ongoing investors. I.C.A. has excellent relations with the vast majority of such investors.
  6. James Dwoskin has developed long standing relationships with pre-qualified single-tenant property investors nationwide. These are relationships that have been nurtured over our sixty (60) years in business.
  7. In larger brokerage firms, individual deals are treated like fungible commodities, just another paragraph on an email blast or website that list all the projects that they have locked up with an exclusive agreement. This type of marketing does not let the project stand out and diminishes its marketing appeal.