Buying 1031 Single-Tenant Properties

In this robust marketplace for single-tenant properties it is very important to work with a proven professional who can help you to achieve your goals. I.C.A. Realty ,established in 1955, has been helping to build fortunes for our investors for over sixty (60) years.

  1. I.C.A. Realty prides itself on maintaining long-standing relationships with Developers and Sellers throughout the nation. We also strive to continually discover new developers and sellers of all types in an effort to maximize the product selection available to our buyers.
  2. Because James Dwoskin has personally sold over three hundred and fifty (350) single-tenant properties and the vast majority of deals were purchased to complete the down leg of a 1031 Tax-Deferred Exchange, he has become an expert in the structuring of deals to accomplish the varied goals of buyers. Some of the goals accomplished have been:
    * Maximize Cash Extracted From Exchange
    * Maximize Annual After Tax Cash Flow
    * Preservation of Capital
  3. 100% of the deals we work on are available to us directly from the seller and/or the developer or their direct agents. We have found that only with a direct line of communication with the seller will we have the best odds of completing a deal. Working through unknown brokers to get product, like many of our competitors do, is a recipe for failure.